18 Nov

The showdown of champions

Dear readers,

Ever had one of those days when you just feel like crap? Well, today is such a day for me. I woke up moderately early and prepared to go to work. After donning on my work attire, I just sat on my bed and zoned out for 5 minutes. I imagined having difficulty in breathing and a myriad of other tropical diseases. It’s amazing what the power of your mind can do to your body. The next minute, I messaged my team lead and told her that I won’t be coming in as I was not feeling well. There was not much to do at work anyway!

I then spent the day sleeping. I was exhausted for pete’s sake! I woke up at 1, made lunch and idly passed the time reading a book. At around 5, my cousin came back and asked if I would like to follow her to watch “The Showdown of Champions” in Bukit Jalil Stadium. Hell yea!! We got dressed and headed to Masjid Jamek by 5 p.m to avoid the “working crowd” rush. We then waited for another hardworking cousin who needless to say, got caught in the chaos.

The Usual Suspects

We reached Bukit Jalil in good time and ate and drank our fill of fishball, popiah and orange juice. The game only started around 8 p.m. It was awesome to watch them play. Their fitness level was really admirable. I felt so geared up start my cycling routine again.

For more info on the game, visit my cousin’s blog,


She is a way better sports commentator. 🙂

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