19 Oct

Fish Spa

Dear readers,

No doubt, you would have heard tons of fascinating things about the new craze in town: the fish spa. What you are going to find out in the next few minutes would probably change your perspective of this new and trendy relaxation method. Well, it sure freaked me out.

It was a typical Sunday evening, when one of my cousins suggested that we try something different for a change rather than just bumming around and watching You Tube like a bunch of Internet junkies. She heard from her friend’s cousin’s friend’s boyfriend’s sister that there is a newly opened fish spa near our apartment. She even got a coupon for a 15 minute free session, which fitted very well into our budget. So, we decided to give it a try.

The location of the shop was pretty shady but the proprietor (Miss R) seemed friendly enough. She was actually inspired to start the fish spa after watching some locals in the jungles of the Amazon perform their yearly ritual to appease the pagan river god, Kowabunga. She barely made it out alive herself, having seen 2 of her own friends become fish food. Despite the harrowing experience, she decided to do something positive about the whole experience. Thus, the fish spa. A very admirable person and enterprising too.

My cousin was ecstatic to give it a try. So we inquired about the free trial, just to make sure it was really free. I only brought five bucks with me and my cousin had 10 with her. Miss R assured us that the offer was still valid and ushered us to a cozy spot at the corner of the shop. She even whipped out a contract of non-guarantee that my cousin had to sign. It stated something about Miss R or her establishment not be held responsible for any injuries and that the patron was a willing participant. We though she had a wonderful sense of humor, perhaps a little dark, but it looked harmless.

So, my cousin signed it.

NOTE: The next few images that you are about to look at are a bit disturbing. If you have a weak heart or an uncontrollable bladder, I advice you to close this window now.

My cousin were then told to put her feet into a basin filled with tiny fishes, that begin nibbling at her dead skin. It was ticklish but never felt so good.

The Fish Spa!!

Fishes hard at work.

The fishes were really efficient. I mean kamikaze efficient. Some even died doing their job.

The casualties.

Miss R then decided that my cousin would require a stronger species. One that was considered illegal in many countries. I was not too sure it was a good idea but my cousin said she could handle it. She wanted to get the most out of the free trial.

The procurement of a stronger fish

Yep, it sure worked …

It feels so good, it hurts.

Mean big arse fish in action!

Divin’ deeper for the kill.

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