04 Sep

Demise of a miserable vermin (part 1)

Dear readers,

I imagine as you read the title of this entry, your eyes might have grown wider and your mind possibly conjured up images of kiasu colleagues, demanding bosses, the ticket lady at the train station with the constant PMS, the grouchy cab driver or even your neighbour’s aggressive Chihuahua.

Please be warned that things are not as they seem.

The miserable vermin that I speak of here is a cockroach. And yes, you might say, “But my boss is a cockroach!” and I am sure you have your reasons for such strong convictions. But nevertheless, I mean the creature with the six insecticide legs, the creepy glare and the dirty shade of dark brown plastic skin.

My cousins and I have occasionally seen this particular pest strolling about on our kitchen counter. One cousin (Rina) even had the misfortune of seeing him do the backstroke in her cup of milo. I thought it was hilarious until of course, I caught him snacking on my sandwich. Nobody messes with my triple deck smoked chicken and cheese sandwich. This was WAR!!!

So I laid a trap for our little ‘friend’ and used some soft chocolate chip cookie as bait. For 3 days, he made no appearance. In fact two poor lizards got trapped and died instead. Only after I disposed of the trap, did he make his presence known again, gallivanting on the kitchen counters. That was the last straw! Time for Plan B: Extermination.

I enlisted another cousin’s (Ashi) help and we came up with the notice below. It has now turned personal and we needed all the support we could get!


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