23 Oct

Blood Donation

Dear readers,

This is it. The day I bleed for mankind. Now, in case you are wondering if I have somehow gotten myself involved in some demonic ritual involving bloody human sacrifices, let me assure you that there is no need for such panic. It is only a blood donation and the most they can get out of me is probably a pint of blood. I decided to go with a colleague of mine, who suffice to say, has done her fair bit for the blood bank.

Eager Donor 01 (my colleague)

Eager Donor 02 (that’s me!)

As you can see, I have a little bit of catching up to do. Anyway, while filling up the form, I realized that I could actually get rejected because of a tattoo I did in March. I consulted the doctor about this and she confirmed that it should not be a problem as it was 6 months ago. However, I was rejected because I took some medication for my asthma last week. I was officially out of the queue then. What a let down! Especially when I was so geared up for the whole event. Ah, another time perhaps.

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